Order of Sante Ruprecht

Created by their Excellencies, Cosmo and Kis Maria, the Order of Sante Ruprecht is awarded to those who have served the Barony for a lifetime. Its members have worked tirelessly to improve and support the Barony for decades including longstanding officers, event staff, and the Baronies former Barons & Baronesses. The award can be given once a year and their Excellencies consult the members of the order before awarding a new member.

Blazon: (fieldless) On a chalice bendwise sable, a bell palewise.






    Rupert the Unbalanced 2011 October 22 Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins
    Mary Theophania Hunn 2013 January 12 Bellringers
    Ichabod the Tall 2014 February 1 Bellringers
    Brigit inghean ui Dhomhnaill 2015 January 17
    Bellringers/12th Night/Investiture
    Robert the Doubtful 2017 October 14 Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins
    Lillian atte Valeye 2018 January 20 Bellringers
    Tysha z Kieva 2019 February 9 Bellringers
    Aaron the Arrowsmith 2020 February 8 Bellringers