Order of the Shroud and Bell

Created by their Excellencies, Cosmo and Kis Maria, the Order of the Shroud and Bell or Shrouded Bell honors the members whom have passed on. A celebration of their life and gratitude for the love and service they shared with the Barony and its people.

Blazon:(Fieldless) A bell per bend sable and Or.

Recipient Year Month Day Event
Alron of Carillion, Called Shadowmaker
Aethelinda Longa
Merelaine Caerlerist
Tamsin of Avoca
Dael mac Daill of Dunadd
Cron Grossen Fussen
Edward Stiff Hand
Heindrick Lambert Bloedgoed, the Dutchman
Colan James Cindric
Ellegon the Bashfull
Hrodrich von Brainschweig
Jorekr Grimmessun
Llawdden MacGryphon called Greybear
Peggy Bulow
Seumas MacDhughaili
Wanda MacLeod
Cosimo di Signorelli 2011 October 22 Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins
Wulfgang Gruenwald 2017 February 11 Bellringers
Ramos da Vida 2017 September 16 Lakewood Ren Faire
Jocelyn d'Isigny 2019 February 9 Bellringers
Shirley of Carillion 2019 February 9 Bellringers
Dawn of Carillion 2021 October 9 GGGG