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These are the minutes of the monthly Baronial Commons Meeting. These are the unofficial minutes that will be posted as they are received. The official Commons Minutes are those that are published in the (as of 2017) quarterly publication of the Clochette, the official newsletter of the Barony of Carillion.

May Minutes

Barony of Carillion Commons
May 10, 2017
Start time: 7:35pm
# Attendees: 21

Seneschal: Barony of Iron Bog tragically lost Gunnar Alfson, their Knights Marshal, in an accident.

Baron&Baroness: Crown Tournament was held theis past weekend. Several members of the Barony fought: Dorian, Klaus, Ingvar, Harold, and Rory. All did very well. We will be at Bhakail Investiture on June 3rd.

Exchequer: As of April 30, 2017 we have $6658.33 in the checking account. Account signatories have been updated.

Herald: Nothing to report this month.

A&S: Autocrat's Challenge at SRWC- create an item used on a daily basis that is still used today. Looking for people to join Artisan's Row. Two more classes, lampworking and bezel. Cooking challenge: hand pies. People's choice, Autocrat's choice.

Chronicler/Web: Things are chronologically chronicled. East Kingdom email will eventually migrate to a Gmail server. This will help with spam filtering. Kingdom looking for web help desk coordinator.

Chatelaine: Gail attended Crown Tournament as her first event. Diedre is here at her first meeting. Proposed demo at Rugby school cancelled.

MoL: Email is finally working. Getting help for SRWC.

Knights Marshal: No-one died at practice. Only casualty was Myq's phone.

Fencing: No report.

Thrown: Nothing happening.

Archery: Happening, no-one died.

Old Business:

SRWC: Happening next month. Porta-Johns have been ordered, same with the straw bales. Pool use has been arrainged.

Pennsic: Happening in 78 days. Pennsic camp info requests are out. Minors without parents may attend this year with legal guardianship papers.

Lakewood: Happening 3rd week of September. Need to hear from Lions Club.

GGG: Happening! This is the 20th Anniversary of the event. All the Baronial Champions will be in attendance.

Melee Practice: Happening in July. Southern Region Melee extravaganza, July 9th.

New Business:

Ten man melee event proposed by Critter for sometime in 2018. Will have more info soon.

Baron Corcoran asked for $500.00 to purchase combat archery crossbow bolt materials from North Star Archery. Will be Baronial property and can be used by members who have combat archery crossbows. Motion proposed and seconded. Passed.

Heather volunteered to head up making replacement silk banners for the event fields. Asked for $200.00 for supplies. Motion made and seconded. Motion passed.

Forestgate: Seneschal is stepping down and there is no-one interested in replaceing her. Other officer positions are being vacated as well. Will ask Kingdom to put Forestgate into Abeyance.

Adjournment at 8:15pm.

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