April Commons Business Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2021

 Virtual Meeting via Zoom with 15 attendants 

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: (Islah) The Board of Directors has lifted the suspension of in-person activities as of June 1, 2021, subject to the following restrictions (copied verbatim from item VI in the Board’s resolution):

  1. Masks that fully cover the mouth and nose must be worn by all attendees over the age of 4 at all times and during all activities except for eating and drinking;
  2. Court, bardic circles, or any activity that involves voice projection shall also require that masks be worn at all times. Sound amplification devices are highly recommended;
  3. No day board, water-bearing, or food of any kind shall be provided by event staff or attendees to other attendees. All attendees must provide their own food and beverages;
  4. While consuming food or beverages, attendees are required to remain stationary and follow social distancing rules;
  5. No overnight camping shall be allowed;
  6. All events shall be held outdoors;

 7. There shall be a maximum of 150 people at any event; and

  1. All events shall require preregistration.

Exchequer: (Aaron) Current balance is $8,753.80. All report in.

Baronesses: (Tysha & Mairghread) Concordia of the Snow reached out about volunteering to help, waiting for Runnymede zoom meet & greet. Gifts sent to Settmour Swamps Baron and Baroness. TRM are looking for ideas for a youth quest for the Youth Honor Guard, send to their excellencies. The next baronesses zoom social is May 19th at 8:30pm.

Arts & Science: (Sara) Nothing new, looking to do a Crafty Day. 

Chancellor Minor: (Mairghread K) no report was provided

Chatelaine: (Evalina) New person reached out via Facebook.

Chronicler: (Randver) Nothing new

Herald: (Duncan) no report provided

Web Minister: (Randver) Nothing new

Social Media: (Vacant) If you are interested in becoming the Baronial Social Media officer, please send a letter of intent with proof of membership to seneschal@carillon.eastkingdom.org

Mistress of the List: (Brigit) nothing to report

Captain of Archers: (Elizabeth) nothing new, waiting for confirmation that last June’s rules are current.

Fencing Marshal: (Ciaran) Current site is not in compliance with rules. Looking for an outdoor site, possibly using Quail Hill. Tunics are being worked on.

Knight Marshal: (Ioannes) no report provided (Hrafn) Got the okay, all marshal activities are cleared. Waiting to hear back from Toms River School. Sir Harold will be holding practices on Sunday afternoons.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: (Ichabod) No one died. Available to hold practices at my house.

Keep by the Endless Sea: (Hrafn) Nothing new. Need an Exchequer deputy.

 Event Wrap-up:


Upcoming Events:

Bellringers 2022: Bid needed.

Southern Region War Camp 6/5/21: (Hrafn) Bid submitted by Baron Hrafn Breiðskeggr and approved.

Pennsic War 49: (Tysha & Conchobar) to be determined

Lakewood Renaissance Faire 9/17/21-9/19/21: (Mary) nothing to report

Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins 2021: Bid needed.

New Event:


Old Business:


New Business:


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