Seneschal – Baronial polling is this month. We are waiting on the mailing labels. There is a sample ballot available to look at. If anyone needs to re-up the membership, contact the seneschal for a ballet. Nothing new on any rules from the kingdom.

Excellencies – Last month we went to Bardic and DSH investiture. It was a lovely event. The court was wonderful. Nothing else really has happened. If anyone has questions about the baronial seat please feel free to ask!
Exchequer – Evalina is sitting in for Exchequer. We have 9 thousand 700 dollars.
Herald – We have not heard from him. But no one has died. Things were heralded by a stand-in.
AnS Minister – Not much has changed since last commons. If anyone wants to teach a class
please contact me.
Chronicler – Chronicling is being done.
Webminister – Webbing is being done. Apparently, there were some email issues last month so anything that was missed please send them again.
Chatelaine – We have a new person! yay!rShe Sews! We are on for the middle town library demo Saturday April 13th. June 26th there is a possible demo at a camp. It’s on a Wednesday. We will get more specifics by next meeting.
MOL – No report
Knight Marshal – No one has died, had a good practice Monday.
Archery – Still too cold to practice.
Thrown Weapons – No one died.
Old Buisiness – Bellringers , we lost 198 dollars. Which is not bad.
War Camp – Things are going along reasonably well. We are doing final preparations for our tents. We have a bid for day board, if anyone else is interested let Aaron know. We have most of
our positions done. It will be the thrown champions site. Our new ANS person is doing a wonderful job we’re gonna look for a good year for ANS.
Pennsic – Pennsic is coming. Register! Give TY information if she doesn’t already have it. If anyone is thinking of renting from Basket MAn GET ON IT, he is running out of tents.
Lakewood – Mary was unable to make the lions meeting. But we are doing pretty much the same thing we’ve done every year