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Publications of the Barony of Carillion

The Clochette is the newsletter of the Barony of Carillion. It is edited by Baroness Mary T. Hunn, and full of interesting information and the local calendar. It is available on the web site for free. Printed copies are available for $1.00 per issue.
There are also older web versions of The Clochette available. They are free, but, as web versions of a printed publication, may be edited for content if there are copyright or privacy concerns.

The Barony of Carillion has a mailing list for the discussion of any Barony related issues and getting to know each other. The mailing list has a Community Page that has a variety of calendaring and file access options. You can subscribe to the mailing list by entering your email address in the box below and clicking on the Yahoo Groups Join Now Image.

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