These are the minutes of the monthly Baronial Commons Meeting. These are the unofficial minutes that will be posted as they are received. The official Commons Minutes are those that are published in the (as of 2017) quarterly publication of the Clochette, the official newsletter of the Barony of Carillion.

April Minutes: Barony of Carillion Commons
April 12, 2017
Start time: 7:30pm

Seneschal: I need a deputy.

Baron and Baroness: Two members of the Barony are now King & Queen. Thanks to all who went to Coronation. Settmour Swamp is challenging us about our cows eating their grass. Shenanigans will ensue! Ty got a Silver Brooch and Queen’s Order of Excellence at Coronation.

Exchequer: As of March 31, we have $6753.74 in the checking account. New signatory forms are being done.

Arts & Sciences: Favor making class was held at Baroness Mary’s house. SRWC classes are scheduled. There will be an Autocrat’s Challenge, A & S table, youth classes, and an Artisan’s Row.

Herald: Obtained a book on Flemish names. Worked during court at Mudthaw.

Chronicler/Webminister: Website is not broken anymore. Has a new deputy, Randveir Kveld-Ulfr.

Chatelaine: We have a new person – Gail! Potential demo for Rugby School on Friday May 19th, 10am-1pm.

MoL: Worked at Mudthaw. Getting help for SRWC.

Knights Marshal: Monday practices ongoing. Thursdays at Quail Hill will resume if anyone is interested.

Fencing: Thursday evening practices are ongoing.

Thrown Weapons: Our marshal is runnning the tournament at May-Be event in Iron Bog with funny weapons only. Practices on Thursdays at Quail Hill.

Archery: Practices are happening on Sundays at Turkey Swamp Park, 12 noon till 3pm. Plenty of loaner gear available.

Old Business:

SRWC: Coming along fine, bardic will happen, A & S lots happening, probably no equestrian.

Pennsic: Starts in 106 days. Pre-reg ends June 17. Let Ty know when you plan to arrive.

Lakewood: Third weekend in September. Sonme changes with the Lions Club. Our side is good so far.

GGG: Event announcement is up. Peach is doing Dayboard, Anna is doing feast. Evalina is Troll, Heather deputy. LOTS of Archery. All Baronial Chapionships will be held.

New Business:

Critter wants to do a regional melee practice on a Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm for the Southern Region Army. Cost will be $100.00 flat. Motion made and seconded. Motion passed.

Largesse donations are being accepted by their Excellencies and their Majesties.

Their Majesties thank us for the Queen’s Favor kits.

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