Seneschal – They posted the recent curia agenda on the EK seneschal website. If anyone hasn’t gotten their ballet in it’s due veryyyy soon. Pam will be stepping down as seneschal after
investiture. Please send in letters of intent for seneschal.

Baron and Baroness – Polling is due now! Get it in! We were in attendance of Coronation, it was good. There is a new king and queen yay! Second polling for polling orders is up currently. We
went to mudthaw, it was good. We need to make new belt favors. Exchequer- We have money in the bank! We have all of the reports from the past months after alot of work. We have to refigure out the officer budgets .

Herald – Been to a few events, and done some yelling. For the forseable future I am working weekends and late nights, so it will be hard to fulfill his duties. He is looking for a deputy to help
with the workload.
AnS – There are 2 people doing classes at southern region warcamp. Still looking for more people to hold classes as well. And she’s looking for a deputy. June 1’st is a crafty day at TY’s House. 11-6 ish.
Chronicler- Chronicling is happening, submitting previous months to webmin.
WebMinister – Updates have happened. Email has come back and is now working. Will createa page for all fillable forms.
Chatelaine – Saturday is a demo event, Middletown library -2-4. Myq is your point of contact.
MOl – no report. Kingdom has new reports for authorizing. Abby Will MOL for war camp.
Knight marshal- no one has died! we have tag tim marhals in charge for war camp.
Archery – No one has died. The weather is getting nicer, we have had 2 practices this year, and hope they continue
Thrown Weapons – EK thrown weapon champs is going to be at warcamp. Asking for around 300 dollars to cover supplies for thrown weapons at war camp. Motion has passed.
War camp – Equestrian is on! Need to get together with people on tent arrangement. we have a menu for the day board. Honig will be tag-teaming with Edmund for day board. We need help with
the kitchen staff.

Pennsic- Pennsic is coming! We need a new sheet wall for Pennsic. Please pre-reg!
Lakewood ren fair is coming — the third weekend in September
NEW BUSINESS – Myq wants to be autocrat for GGG this year! Motion passed myq is autocrat