Seneschal – E-mail migration for officers are going well. In the future officer reports will be
done on the cloud. The bullying policy has been posted on the web site. They must also be
posted @ troll at every event & at practices. Everything else is going well.
Baron & Baroness – Champions are done. The transfers of regalia and etc. have been
completed. Thanks to everyone who helped at GGG, especially Dave and his team.
Exchequer – As of 10/31/17 we had $8263.
The changeover has made things run a bit behind. Assorted cards to be signed and all that.
There is some sort of kerfuffle regarding the NMS for GGG, but it is being handled.
A&S – There will be a people’s choice contest at Bellringers. The theme is bells and
snowflakes. There will also be a class on what to do if you are called in to court by Gwalchmei.
A class on chainmail by Bridgette (Pam), and Honeg von Summerfield will be doing a “put your
heraldry on stuff” workshop. Contact Lilly for details. If you are interested in teaching a class,
do let Lilly know.
Chronicler – Got October’s minutes today. Waiting on the minutes for November & the
Clochette will go up then.
Web – Working on learning the back end of the web site. As they are completed, more updates
will be done.
Chatelaine – Web-minister fixed the e-mail for the office. Plus, she actually lives in the Barony
Herald, MoL, K/M, Fencing, T/W, & Archery – Nobody died. Nothing to report. It is very cold!
Old Business:
GGG – no final numbers yet. It happened. It was great! Final numbers will be announced next
Bellringers – December 20th at Quail Hill. Pre-reg is being accepted at today’s commons.
SRWC – No change since last month. Looking to see about doing equestrian. It’s on the
second weekend in June.
Pennsic – July 27th. Pre-reg is not available yet. Anns is doing the state dinner Monday of war
week. Any help is appreciated! Check social media for updates.

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