Seneschal – The rules on prohibited symbolism have been made clearer. See BoD notices and
Corpora for details. The March and April meetings will have to be held elsewhere as the library
meeting rooms are full.
Baron & Baroness – Tina is sick and didn’t want to infect everyone else. [Kudos Tina!]
Everyone did a great job at Bellringers. We fielded a good number of fighters and fencers at an
event that I didn’t catch the name of.
As of curia – Kingdom can now hold events regardless of local group permission. The
group is not expected to pay for the costs of running the event [rental fees/grocery costs] if it is a
purely Kingdom endeavor, but they would also not get any of the proceeds. (Details on this to
follow as it was not clear how this would be handled.)
Exchequer – GGG lost $266.77, but Bellringers made $254.85, so all in all we are close to even.
The balance as of January $9,468.58.
Officer’s Budgets were voted on and approved. The Baron’s was raised to ???, the
chroniclers was cut in half due to no longer needing the money for mailings, and the web
minister’s was raised to $50 due to the “CIO” being split and the previous budget being a
minimal placeholder. All others remained the same.
Herald – At Bellringers, Lilly got an Order of the St. Rupric. Our web minister has been given a
quest to get Heraldry submitted ASAP, or it will be submitted for him.
A&S – Lots of people put stuff out at Bellringers. There were classes on scroll work, what to do
in court, and chain maille.
Chatelaine – New person contacted her, but did not leave any return contact information. She is
looking in to it.
MoL – No report.
KM – Nobody has died. Practice is still happening.
Fencing – Ditto
Archery – It is cold. New bales have been put up at the park.
TW – The practices will resume when the days are not so cold and dark.
Web Minister – Officers need to set up their Google office e-mail accounts. Also, make sure
you use the drop down menu when mailing from your office so you don’t e-mail an account
name that is just your membership number.
Chronicler – The 4th quarter Clochette is on the website.
Old Business:
Bellringers – Good event. It was nice to be home before 10PM!
SRWC – Royals will be in Canada, so it’s not an R.P. Dayboard may need to be restaffed.
Equestrian will be in attendance.
Pennsic and Ren-Faire are happening apace.
New Business:
Quail Hill Sunday Afternoon Fight Practice – Motion was proposed to have a non-garbed,
donations only fight practice on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 1PM to 4:30PM. It would
cost us $50/month, and if the last on we did is any indication we will easily recoup with the
donations. Motion carried.
GGG (2018) – Ty put in a bid. It was approved.
A discussion was had. The conclusion of which is that a bouncy castle rental is $279.
Meeting was adjourned amid discussions of hippity-hop jousting

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