Seneschal – There are now 3 pairs running for the Title of Baron/ness
We need a 50 percent return on ballets or it will not be valid. VOTE!
The investiture will happen at SRWC.
There is a zip code in Carillion that wants to zip code swap to iron bog. There will be a polling on it.

Baron baroness – Awards were given out at bellringers. There were some fun things on social media, ergo don’t be a dick online. Awards are opening now or soon, get people shiny things.
Exchequer – We have money! Still need some items from bellringers.
Herald – Herald is in Ireland… no report. Nobody died.
ANS – There were 8 submissions at bellringers birthday swap. 4 for the regular ans display. No
one died.
Web- looking for a deputy
Chatelaine – there are a few demos that have been rented, April 13th Middletown library (no
weapons) 2-4. ALSO, the YMCA wants a demo on a Wednesday during the morning or early
MOL – no report
Knight marshall – nobody died
Archery – no report
Thrown weapons – not much happening since its cold
Old business – Bellringers happened. We got about 60% percent of what we expected. We lost
some money.”
SRWC – Royalty has reached out and there are communications. Still looking for help with some
Pennsic – Pennsic is coming , we ordered new post holes for our giant flags. We need to have
our sign back
New Buisiness – Keep by the endless sea had a meeting. THere is a craft day 10-5 24th of march.