These are the minutes of the monthly Baronial Commons Meeting. These are the unofficial minutes that will be posted as they are received. The official Commons Minutes are those that are published in the (as of 2017) quarterly publication of the Clochette, the official newsletter of the Barony of Carillion.

Barony of Carillion Commons Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2017
Manalapan Library
Manalapan, NJ

Number attending: 30 Start time:7:25pm

Seneschal: Asked if there was any interest in supporting Iron Bog’s bid for E.K. 50 Year Celebration. Discussed sponsoring and preparing breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning. Moved and seconded, motion passed.

Baron and Baroness: Will be attending Market Day at Birka. Next local event Bellringers. Encourage populace to write in to themselves or their Highnesses to recommend people for awards. Baroness will create E.K. Wiki pages for members upon request.

Exchequer: Current checking account balance: $6519.01. Discussed Officer’s budgets for FY 2017. All requested increases and decreases were approved and overall budget was approved.

Arts & Sciences: There will be a Sewfest on Sunday January 15, at Rupert and Diana’s home from 10am-3pm. At Bellringers there will be an Autocrat’s challenge for 9th-11th century A&S items, a People’s Choice table, and a Children’s table. Working on setting up classes for SRWC.

Herald: Nothing to report this month.

Chatelaine: Received and responded to some email inquiries.

Minister of Lists: Office currently vacant. Accepting letters of intent through February meeting.

Knight’s Marshal: Practice happening- no one has died.

Fencing Marshal: No injuries, eyeballs are intact, no paperwork, yay!

Archery Marshal: Still no practice due to the cold weather and frozen target bales. Will sent out a notice when practice resumes.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Will be at Birka for T.W. Meeting. Volunteered to run activities for Iron Bog 50 year bid.

Chronicler/Web Minister: The minutes are going to be posted as a seperate page on the website as they are received. Next month we should vote about making the Clochette quarterly – just to make it an official thing and not just something we just sort of do.

Old Business:

Bellringers: Happening February 11, 2017. Holding meeting this coming weekend with site owners to finalize contracts. Will be having a fundraiser bake sale for shower/trailer fund.

S.R. Warcamp: Working on bids for EK Archery Champions. Contacting staff members and asking for volunteers to fill positions.

Pennsic War: Is coming, pre-registration is open. Try not to register too many ghosts.

Lakewood Renfaire: Weekend of September 16th, 2017, all else the same.

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins: Event happening, site is reserved for 13-15 of October 2017.

New Business:

Dorian was contacted about SCA doing a Demo at KiltFest on September 9th at Mercer County Park. Directed to Chatelaine for further info.

Motion for adjournment made, seconded, approved. Meeting end at 8:07pm.

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