Seneschal: At the commencement of the meeting, nothing had been presented. The following
was sent to the deputy during the meeting, but not seen until after. A post will be generated on the
Carillion’s Facebook Page to ensure it was made available to the populace.
Officers should submit their budgets to the exchequer.
The next Kingdom Curia will be held at Birka.
I have the new and revised evidence of insurance certificates and ordering instructions for
additional insured requests.
Officers should make sure they have access to their new emails, if not ask for help getting
access from our web minister or me (Pam) as I’ve sent a coupe message out already and only
gotten a few responses.
Their Excellencies: Bellringers is coming on Jan. 20 th, 2018 where we will announce officially
we are stepping down. If you are interested in filling our role please reach out to us and we will be
happy to talk about what the job entails.
The deadline for the first poling of Brennan and Keelin closes this Sunday. Get your
recommendations in. If you do not know how, please reach out to us and we will assist you.
Exchequer: The balance as of Dec. 31 st
, 2017 was $9916.58
There is one outstanding request for Troll which will be handled soon.
A and S: There is an A and S people’s choice challenge for Bellringers – Bells and
Snowflakes themed. There is the regular A and S table as well.
What to do in Court – by Gwalchmei
Heraldry and Illuminations by Summerfield
4 in 1 chainmail weaving by Pam (Maybe)
Archery: Snow, cold, etc. No archery practice is anticipated for a while. Those on the
archery list will get an update if there is likely to be a practice. Those wishing to be added to the
Archery List should contact me at to be added unless my router is acting
up again.
Archers of Carillion (and beyond),
Greetings unto you from the Barony of Carillion. I trust your holidays are eventful and full of
cheer. In an effort to promote archery and further your archery skills during the winter season, I am
pleased to announce that there will now be weekly Society Seasonal Archery Challenge (SSAC)
shoots from 6pm-8pm on Fridays at Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters. The practices will run from
December 29 – February 28. Cheyenne is located at 244 US-130, Bordentown, NJ. The cost for
the range is $5 per hour or $60 for six months.
Chronicler: An appointment I had for today got moved to tomorrow so I am currently
on the ferry to Maryland instead of back from Maryland. Nothing to report
Knights Marshal: Practice has happened, no one has died
Fencing Marshal: No practice is happening, no one has died
MOL: Nothing to report
Thrown Weapons: No practice – Ichabod has a target at his house. If anyone wants to throw,
they are welcome.
Herald: Not in attendance
Web-minster: The website is being updated after the Holiday break. If you see errors
please send them to him, but send them as one email not 30 separate emails.
The server migration is being handled by kingdom, don’t contact him [the baronial
web-min] for assistance with server issues.
New member emails are open, contact the web minister if you need to know your email.
GGG – Receipts from Anna were turned in, Exchequer will check with Pam if anything else needs
to be done.
Bellringers – People are cooking! There are only 9 pre-registrations. It happens the 20 th
of Jan.
There is no Dance class – suggestions are being accepted for filled [sic] after court. Heather will
be reaching out to Bahkail RE: dancing. Setup maybe Friday night the 19 th
of Jan. More to come.
SRWC – The Equestrian group is very interested to return. There are lots of new people, this will
really open the event. Event schedules are still in the works, 2 Equestrian marshals have already
be confirmed.
The Autocrat is split: Raf will be onsite coordinator
Ty will have some responsibilities, nothing announced yet.
It was posed “Does anyone oppose a bid for K&Q Thrown and Archery Championship?”
Questions raised:
What is the pull from Carillion for the RP – None – handled by EK people
What is the need for archery/thrown people – One or two at the most
Decision: Low effort for this event to be an RP – No objections – Bid will go forth
Pennsic – Pre-reg is open, Register early and often. $175 fee for 2 weeks + $30 for the meal plan
and camp fees. More to come
Future Events:
Investiture at next Bellringers
We need a larger site
We should bid for 12 th
Night since it needs to be an RP anyway
We need a site ASAP any suggestions?
We need an Autocrat – Heather will not be doing it
We need to start a budget to get approval
Duncan offered to Co-Autocrat as he can yet Autocart
Ty said she would have a budget ready and loop Duncan in on the
Aaron and Critter are working on a Sunday practice at Quail Hill
This would run from 12PM to 4PM to take the place of the missing Iron
Bog practice

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