Commons Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2017 – Manalapan Library
Start time: 7:30pm – Attendees: 16
Officer’s Reports:
Great job this weekend! The meeting in September will be held at the Diner. (All
Seasons on Route 9)
Baron and Baroness:
Echo what the Seneschal said! Everyone was awesome! There have been many
awards given since last month; congratulations to Aaron, Mary, Mika, and Ty on
their Pelicans. Seth, Connor, & Erin’s AoAs. Tim’s Silver Wheel, Erin’s Tyger’s
Cub, & Miq’s Silver Crescent. Also Klaus is now Queen’s Champion, and Rory
got a writ for Knighthood.
Checking account balance as of May 31, 2017 is $5024.43. 1st quarter report is
balanced & sent in. All the deposits for SRWC have been made.
Sew-fest scheduled. There will be a table at Lakewood so please put stuff out.
Lots of awards at SRWC. Thank-you to Duncan for field heralding.
April Minutes have been posted. May will be up shortly. Website updated
Picked up a few new people. All is good.
Minister of the Lists:
Had 54 fences and 100+ fighters at SRWC. 9 re-auths., & 10 new authorizations.
Astrid, Mary, Michelle, & Maxine helped.
Knights Marshal:
Authorized Ty as a combat archer.
Fencing Marshal:
Nobody died.
Archery Marshal:
There was a Master Bowman given. (No name written down)
Thrown Weapons Marshal:
Had a decent turn out at SRWC. Practices continue at Quail Hill on Thursdays.
TW will be at Lakewood.
Old Business:
Thaks to everyone. An almost flawless event! Fencing had a few complaints
about the new location. Have added the position of, “Person in charge of street
Begins in 43 days. 3 days left to pre-reg. Will post updates on Carillion-Camp
yahoo group.
As always, 3rd weekend in September.
Happening. Lots of archery. All Champions will be held.
Melee practice:
July 9th. NMS fees now required. @ Quail Hill.
May need to find a different site.
New Business:
Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

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