Meeting Minutes June 12th 2019
Seneschal – One letter of intent was put in for the position of seneschal. There was a vote and Baroness Isla bint Abas Ibn Habib Ibn Hasan was voted in as the new seneschal.

Exchequer – There was one letter of intent for this office. Master Aaron the Arrowsmith was voted into the position.

Excellencies Carillion – Thanked the Barony for their support and express their excitement to work with everyone. At GGG they will be holding a competition for Baronial Baker. This will be a
year-long appointment that requires supplying baked goods at carillion event for their excellencies and for them to give out.

Arts and Sciences- They had competitions at southern region war camp , thanks for everyone who participated.

Chatelaine – The demo this month was canceled by the person who was coordinating it.

Archery – Practice if the weather is good.

Thrown weapons – practices aren’t happening but we had a good turnout at southern region
war camp.

MoL – No one died

Knight Marshall – NO one died.

Webminister – No one died. WEb updates are happening. Looking to step down some time after Pennsic.

Chronicler – Looking to step down some time after Pennsic.

Herald – Heralding was done at southern region war camp.

Southern region war camp – We had less than 400 people but it was a great event. Thank you to everyone who helped at the event. Myq will be taking over next year as Autocrat (event

Pennsic – Pennsic is coming. Register now register often. Connor will be deputy camp head to take over for me next year.

Lakewood – is the third weekend of September
GGG – Still need feast and dayboard. Myq is autocrat and Randver is Co.
Bellringers – Randy is planning to put in a bid for this event.