June Commons Business Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2022
Virtual Meeting via Zoom with 17 attendants

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: (Islah) The vote for the new baronial is between The Honorable Lady Evalina von Schaidag and Dróttin Randver Kveld-Ulfr. After the vote, THL Evalina is the new seneschal and chose to allow me to finish out the meeting.

Exchequer: (Aaron) Current balance is $8,044.17. Nothing outstanding, except SRWC deposits. On May 28th I’ll be at 4 consecutive years in office. June 2023 is the cut off for overdue officers. I’ll be teaching a class on how to run events.

Baronesses: (Tysha & Mairghread) Ciaran is Sovereign’s Archery Champion!! SRWC was fun, we raised $200 dollars at the Geeky Yard Sale!! At court, Lady Sara Ide Almeron was awarded the Sable Bell and we announced adding a new cooking related baronial award. Tysha will be representing us at Pennsic War 49 and next we’ll see you at Lakewood Ren Faire.

Arts & Science: (Sara) Jeremy successfully ran the A&S table at SRWC. Lily won!

Chancellor Minor: (Mairghread K) Sorry I missed SRWC we’ve all been sick. I’m working on Children’s activities for future events.

Chatelaine: (Vacant) THL Evalina resigned from office when she stepped up as Baronial Seneschal. Final Report: Talked to a few new members at SRWC, they seem really interested. The office of Baronial Chatelaine is now vacant and this is a required office.  If you are interested in becoming the Baronial Chatelaine, please send a letter of intent with proof of membership to seneschal@carillon.eastkingdom.org

Chronicler: (Randver) Things are being chronicled. Newsletter is up on the website.

Herald: (Vacant) Lord Duncan sent a letter of resignation via email on 6/2/22. The office of Baronial Herald is now vacant and this is a required office. This is the barony’s submissions/research herald and may act as court herald but is not required as part of the office.  If you are interested in becoming the Baronial Herald, please send a letter of intent with proof of membership to seneschal@carillon.eastkingdom.org

Web Minister: (Randver) Nothing new to report. Newsletter is up on the website.

Social Media: (Vacant) If you are interested in becoming the Baronial Social Media officer, please send a letter of intent with proof of membership to seneschal@carillon.eastkingdom.org

Mistress of the List: (Brigit) Did auths at SRWC.

Captain of Archers: (Elizabeth) Practice ongoing during Pennsic and as long as weather holds.

Fencing Marshal: (Ciaran) We’ve had 2 fencing/heavy crossover practices at Southern Army Sunday with about 11 fencers and 15 heavy fighters. SRWC had 11 fencers.

Knight Marshal: (Quintus) Fight practice at Southern Army Sunday. Quintus is searching for a new site and loaner gear.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: (Gilbert) We had a range and throwers at SRWC.

Keep by the Endless Sea: (Hrafn) We did not have enough officers to hold a meeting at SRWC. I am looking for a replacement, email keepseneschal@carillion.eastkingdom.org


Event Wrap-up:

Southern Region War Camp 6/3/22-6/5/22: (Hrafn) Poor attendance. No money was made and we’re looking at losing around $1K on the event. Everyone who did attend had a great time! We added a Southern Army Sunday Practice onto the end of the event.


Upcoming Events:

Pennsic War 49: (Tysha) Pre-registration ends on June 16th. I replaced and sold the carport. We now own a new 10×20 EZ Up for the kitchen. There is a $189 difference we’ll need to cover with camp fees.

Lakewood Renaissance Faire 9/16/22-9/18/22: (Mary) No report

Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins 10/7/22-10/9/22: Bid sent in by Lady Ellynor Redpath and approved. Theme will be “What goes Bumb in the Arabian Nights”. Ciaran is running Archery.

Bellringers 2023:  Bid needed.

Southern Region War Camp 2023: Bid needed. (Hrafn) Working on bid for next year.


New Event:

(Evalina) Ioannes’ Ducal Challenge- Ioannes is not interested in running an opposing Ducal Challenge event. Maybe an A&S related Duchess Challenge next spring.

Old Business:


New Business:

(Tysha) We have a new 10×20 EZ UP! I need help checking it out and making sure it’s in working order before Pennsic.

(Ciaran) Did an inventory of the Archery equipment in the Storage Unit with Tysha and Elizabeth. Waiting on the completed list from Elizabeth, but we have a lot! Can we do rental packages for other groups, who don’t have the equipment or storage. Aaron will check about any Exchequer policy issues.

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