This month’s Commons was held at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County library. The
The regular library has no rooms available for this month or the next.
Seneschal – Due to tax season the Manalapan library is doing tax-y stuff. Next month’s
commons meeting will have to be relocated as well. See the web page or the Facebook page
for details.
The Canton of the Keep by the Endless Sea has been inactive for far too long. A polling will be
sent out to the local population to see if there is any interest in retaining the Canton. If not it will
be disbanded.
To be eligible for the Polling for Baron &/ Baroness letters of intent must be in the hands of the
Seneschal no later than 11:59 PM on June 1, 2018.
B&B – They will be at Mudthaw & hope to see everyone there. There will be a competition to
decide if the proper term for a particularly delicious New Jersey sausage is Pork Roll or Taylor
ham. A foregone conclusion, of course!
Exchequer – The bank statement has not arrived yet. Sunday practice, which had been held the
weekend before made money and the proceeds have been deposited into the bank account.
Herald – Nothing to report.
A&S – There will be an Autocrat’s challenge at SRWC as well as a people’s choice award.
There may be a Sew-fest at some point in April.
Chatelaine – Nothing is happening.
MoL – Practice is happening, nobody died. Her Highness authorised in spear at the weekend
Sunday practice.
KM – Nothing to report, nobody died.
Fencing – The Thursday practice is not bringing in enough people to warrant having a weekly
practice. As such it was proposed and approved that we discontinue the Thursday night
practice as of April 1, 2018 and the Baronial Fencing Practice now be held at the monthly
Sunday afternoon practice along with Heavy & TW.
TW – The range will be set up at the Sunday Practices, but other than that it will be
catch-as-catch-can. Please contact Ichabod if you would like to practice at other times and he
will work with you.
Archery – Still too cold, nobody died.
Web – Get your Google for Nonprofits e-mail setup ASAP. You must send him an email to the account if there are any activity changes or they will not
make it onto the website.
Chronicler – A copy of the Clochette was sent to the yahoo e-mail list, and will be posted to the
web site ASAP. Officers; in order to make the minutes as accurate as possible, and not rely on
Pam’s or my mediocre note taking skills, there is a request. If you are not at commons, or have
an announcement that is more than ‘things are happening, nobody died’, please make sure to
get me a report to NO LATER THAN THE WEDNESDAY
Old Business –
SRWC – Aaron is looking for someone to work with Martin to do the Dayboard. Aslo, if you have
a scheduled event he needs a copy of the schedule ASAP. Equestrian is happening.
Sunday Practice – Made $115 last weekend. If it continues at that level it may actually make us
a small profit. Quail Hill is expanding the hall. However, this also means that, as of 2019, the
fee to rent the total camp will be going up from $850 to $1K.
50 year celebration – They want a “Hall of Memories” from each group. Also a page that
describes the Barony for the booklet they will be handing out. If anyone is interested in
spearheading this project, please contact Pam. (The event is on June 30th)
Lakewood Ren-Faire – Will be on the 3rd weekend of September.
GGG – Autocrat is at Gulf Wars.
Bellringers – If we want to combine it with 12th night, we need to get on that NOW!!!
No New or Miscellaneous Business, so the meeting was closed

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