May Commons Business Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2021

 Virtual Meeting via Zoom with 16 attendants 

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: (Islah) To ensure there are no issues with people fighting the mask and social distancing rules, I will be stationed at troll. If you need assistance with someone at SRWC come get me do not handle it yourself.

Exchequer: (Aaron) Current balance is $8,753.80 checks incoming in June.

Baronesses: (Tysha & Mairghread) Looking forward to seeing everyone at SRWC. Our next Zoom social will be next week. We’ve reached out to Bergental about Runnymede dinner at Pennsic 50. 

Arts & Science: (Sara) Crafty Day on Saturday, May 22 at Evalina’s house. 

Chancellor Minor: (Mairghread K) Planning 6 event challenges at SRWC: sheep toss, jousting, youth throwing axes, siege the castle, maze, and catapult.

Chatelaine: (Evalina) New person moving here from out of Kingdom and they’re looking for help finding a place close to Belmar.

Chronicler: (Randver) We’ll have stuff soon

Herald: (Duncan) no report provided

Web Minister: (Randver) Looking to switch to a WordPress site.

Social Media: (Vacant) If you are interested in becoming the Baronial Social Media officer, please send a letter of intent with proof of membership to

Mistress of the List: (Brigit) nothing to report

Captain of Archers: (Elizabeth) No Updates.

Fencing Marshal: (Ciaran) Rusted Woodlands practice was last week and the tunics worked well! Practice every other Sunday at Quail Hill.

Knight Marshal: (Ioannes) no report provided (Hrafn) restarting Southern Army Sunday dates to follow.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: (Ichabod) nothing to report

Keep by the Endless Sea: (Hrafn) Deputy Exchequer is waiting on new membership.

Event Wrap-up:


Upcoming Events:

Bellringers 2022:  Bid needed.

Southern Region War Camp 6/5/21: (Hrafn) Event announcement is up. Friday setup around noon. Cleaning volunteers needed.

Pennsic War 49: (Tysha & Conchobar) Postponed until 2022.

Lakewood Renaissance Faire 9/17/21-9/19/21: (Mary) no report provided

Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins 2021: Bid needed.

New Event:


Old Business:


New Business:


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