October Commons Business Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2019
Located at Monmouth County Library with 20 attendants

Officer Reports:
Seneschal: (Islah) I have received letters of intent for several vacant offices. The barony voted in the following: Archery Marshal- Baroness Elizabeth Hawkwood, Chancellor Minor- Lady Mairghread Knox, Fencing Marshal- Lord Ciaran Ua Meic Thire, & Web Mistress- THL Raffaella Mascolo. Every officer needs to get a deputy!!! Social Media and Minister of List are open if you are interested please send a letter of intent to seneschal@carillon.eastkingdom.org

Exchequer: (Aaron) 1st Quarter & 2nd Quarter are balanced and sent. Current balance is $10,638.88. Email the forms to me before commons if you want a check at commons.

Baronesses: (Tysha & Mairghread) Lakewood went well. Rose Tournament went really well. Thank you!! TRM are doing a crusade across the kingdom. If you attend an RP you receive a sticker, turn in at the end of reign for a prize. We’re accepting submissions for Baronial Baker at GGG.

Arts & Science: (Sara) Evalina provided hats and others displayed at Lakewood. A&S Competition at GGG is Halloween cats.

Chancellor Minor: (Mairghread K) Children’s activities for GGG will be Lanterns and Spiders 1-3pm.

Chatelaine: (Evalina) Lots of interest at Lakewood but no follow through. Gold key and garment rack will be at GGG

Chronicler: (Randver) Looking for a deputy.

Herald: (Duncan) no report.

Web Minister: (Raffaella) will be transitioning over.

Mistress of the List: (Honig) no report. Honig has sent a letter of resignation the office is open for the November meeting.

Knight Marshal: (Ioaness) no report. (Hrafn) working on getting Aiden and Quintus their marshalettes.

Captain of Archers: (Elizabeth) Practice will still be on Sundays. I’ll be at River Wars.

Fencing Marshal: (Ciaran) There will be fencing at GGG.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: (Ichabod) There will be throwing and throwing at pumpkins at GGG.

Keep by the Endless Sea: (Hrafn) Had a meeting at Lakewood. I’m the new Seneschal. My 1st plan is to patch the zip code holes. 2nd Extend the borders south to include more of Ocean county. 3rd Get a deputy trained.

Event Wrap-Up:
Lakewood Renaissance Faire 9/20/19-9/22/19: (Mary) Everything went pretty well. We made $362 from merchants. The Lions want to continue.

New Event:
Upcoming Events:
Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins 10/11/19-10/14/19: (Hrafn) This weekend, picking up pumpkins, gate starts at 5pm. Need help with set up. There is a Plague Sale, bring stuff to donate.

Bellringers 2/8/20: (Evalina) The announcement is up. There will be a castle pinata and children activities. Need a Dayboard Steward & a Feast Steward.

Southern Region War Camp 5/29/20-5/31/20: (Hrafn) Possible castle battle with an actual Castle!! We’re having a Geeky Yard sale.

Pennsic War 49: (Tysha) With Pennsic 50 coming and Runnymead dinner I decided to split responsibilities with Connor. I’ll stay on as Land Agent and he’ll be camp uncle. Pre-reg!!

Lakewood Renaissance Faire 9/18/20-9/20/20: (Mary) Third weekend in September!!
Old Business:
New Business:
-(Tysha) Festivus is on Sunday December 15th