Officer Reports:
Seneschal: (Islah) 2019 Officer Budget totaling $2,300 dollars was approved. Attended Pennsic Seneschal Meeting, EK Seneschal changer over is in October and the new EK Seneschal will be Mistress Medhbh. As previously mentioned, I want to teach people how to be Seneschal so we are never short again. Two people expressed interest and are now my deputies: Baron Conchobar mac Oengusa and Lord Randver Kveld-Ulfr. Every officer needs to get a deputy!!! We have several open offices: Chancellor Minor, Fencing Marshal, Social Media and Keep Seneschal if you are interested please send a letter of intent to

Exchequer: (Aaron) no outstanding checks. Current balance is $10,973.94. Bring the appropriate form in order to receive reimbursement.

Baronesses: (Tysha & Mairghread) We want to Co-Run Runnymead Dinner with the Barony of Bergental at Pennsic 50. Division of labor not set, want to see if people are interested, and the Barony gave the green light. We sponsored Youths to fight in the Baronial Youth Tournament…they had a blast! Elizabeth won the Baronial Archery Champion’s Tournament!! We watched Declan at Heavy and Aryana at Thrown, and Wentlyanna stood in for our fencing champion. Islah and Magdalena received Beacons and we named Violet our Wonder Woman at Pennsic Court. There is no court at Lakewood Ren Faire. SRWC Rummage sale needs someone to run it.

Arts & Science: (Sara) Notices sent out about Lakewood Demo. Classes at GGG. Halloween Cats for GGG’s A&S competition.

Chatelaine: (Evalina) We’ve had a few contacts. Demo went well. Baroness Tysha provided a Garment rack to hang up Gold Key at events.

Chronicler: (Randver) Nothing to report.

Herald: (Duncan) Nothing to report.

Web Minister: (Randver) Website is up to date. I emailed my letter of resignation and this is my last meeting as web minister.

Mistress of the List: (Honig) no report.

Knight Marshal: (Ioaness) no report. (Hrafn) Monday’s are going good. (Grim of Carpathia) Found a site in Mercer County at the Hopewell Church. There is a per visit fee but the local fighters say they’ll cover the cost. Is the Barony willing to cover the cost in in case they come up short? We need to get insurance in the Churches name ($50 dollar fee). Barony approved the insurance fee and to back the new practice on a trial basis for the winter.

Captain of Archers: (Robert) via email, “Archery still limping along. I have taken Elizabeth Hawkwood as an archery deputy. New business: I am retiring from the position of Captain of Archers as of October 31st. This should provide plenty of time for anyone to show interest in filling the position.”

Fencing Marshal: vacant

Thrown Weapons Marshal: (Ichabod) Gilbert is handling thrown weapons at Lakewood Ren Faire

Keep by the Endless Sea: vacant. There will be a vote for Seneschal at Lakewood Ren Faire.

Event Wrap-Up:

Pennsic 48: (Tysha) There was so much flooding!! All the water!! Looking at getting a 10×20 EZ Up to replace the kitchen carport.

New Event:

Bellringers: We have 2 bids!! Bid 1 by Evalina & Bid 2 by Randver. Barony selected Bid

Upcoming Events:
Lakewood Renaissance Faire 9/20/19-9/22/19: (Mary) No court scheduled. Come help set up on Friday!! I’m hoping to be there by 10am.

Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins 10/11/19-10/14/19: (Hrafn) 4-day event this year. A&S Challenge is Halloween Cats. Night shoot and all Baronial Champions scheduled. There will be pumpkins!!

Bellringers 2/8/2020: (Evalina) Evalina as Event Steward, Randver as Co-Event Steward, Hrafn as Games Master. Want to have lots of games… Winter Games!

Southern Region War Camp 5/29/20-5/31/20: (Hrafn) Nothing new to report.
Pennsic 49: (Tysha) Looking into a 10×20 industrial EZ Up to replace the kitchen carport.
Old Business:
-(Tysha) I purchased the favors and portable holes.
New Business:

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