THL Brigit inghean ui Dhomhnaill

Biographical Info

The Honorable Lady Brigit inghean ui Dhomhnaill found the SCA in the fall of 1989. Her first event was Quest for Wit and Wisdom in May of 1990. She became a member of House Bloodguard but left in 1991 to focus on participating with her local Barony. Since then she has served as Baronial Seneschal, Mistress of the List, and Exchequer. She is currently the Mistress of the List for Carillion, one of the founders of House Hammerfall, and a member of Erlendsstaðir. Brigit is also the Protégé and Squire to Duke Sir Gavin Kilkenny of Kilkarren OP, KSCA

Categories: Populace