Maestro Pascual Del Mar

Order Of Defense

Biographical Info

Pascual was born in 1565 in Valencia, Spain, to a well-off trading company family. At a young age he was sent to Madrid to study, and on occasion joined his father on merchant trips around the Mediterranean. He took well to a life at sea, showing a knack for its varied skills. At 17 he returned home to the news that his parents had met with foul play at the hands of a thief one night.

His elder and more experienced uncle took over the company but refused to pay for Pascual to continue schooling–naming it a waste of time–never having been educated himself. Before long, Pascual found himself back out on the street. He took to doing what he must to survive, using his wits to learn his own way of life on the Valencia streets. He found himself finally signing on with another merchant ship, there to earn his keep for years. It didn’t take nearly as long to learn that he had, in fact, signed on with a privateer vessel. But while aboard he refined a few relevant skills (fighting, sailing, swordplay, and tolerance to certain substances).

By age 25, Pascual took his shares of the profits to a talented teacher of the rapier. Later he reaped the benefits of this refined talent, as he took many a prize purse and could defend the gains from thieves as well.

Yet, he sought more, and decided to start on the path to join the Spanish military forces, his eyes on the greatness of a true Spanish conquistador.

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